Kairi Sane Reportedly Suffers Injury During Raw Taping


Fightful is reporting that Kairi Sane suffered a “cut to her head outside the ring” during a match against Nia Jax during Tuesday’s taping of next week’s Raw.

The report states:

“The spot occurred outside near the stairs when Kairi was thrown and her head hit the corner of the stairs, opening her up. The match was paused and medical came out to take care of Kairi Sane, sealing the wound and bandaging her up. We were told that Kairi indicated that she was fine, and insisted on finishing up the match.

WWE would resume the match, which will have to be edited. Pretty quickly, Nia and Kairi Sane went to the finish.”

There’s speculation that the match could be scrapped from Raw’s airing altogether, but that has not been confirmed. WWE has only announced two matches for the show so far.